Paper has an important share of ROXCEL sales with excellent market presence across the globe.


Recent years have shown that shifts in trends are faster and more significant than ever. The pandemic required that we change the way we live and spend. The limitations…


Cartonboard is a product that is gaining more and more importance in the packaging industry. The global demand for sustainable and fiber-based packaging solutions is being enforced by legislation…

Pulp & Raw material

Pulp is the primary raw material to produce paper, paperboard, and hygienic product.


Through our supplier relationships we aim to find the best solution for our customers. The range of Plastics/Films offered is wide and varied and continues to develop with new…

Printing plates

There are many types of computer-to-plate (CTP) based on various technology. We at ROXCEL offer to our customers high-quality CTP.


Stocklots/Joblots of paper and board are a great way to reduce your purchasing cost while receiving a product which is just right for the job you have.