ROXCEL provides sourcing and solutions for printing, packaging, and other related industries. Through a deep understanding of the business and a full dedication to integrity, our global teams deliver unbeatable service to our trading partners across the entire business cycle.



Our vision is to create a world where trading
with printing, packaging and related industries
is effortless, modern, easy to engage with and
widely accessible.


Core values

Our company core values are the heartbeat of our work, our guiding principles. They have formed over almost 30 years of having consistent beliefs in how to successfully conduct our business. They impact the decisions we make in our daily work as well as the relationships we develop with our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders. The three core values are:


Creative solutions

We believe in creative solutions as a way to look beyond and around obstacles, focusing our time on solving complex issues. Positive outcomes for all related parties matter to us.



We believe in integrity and we remain transparent, acting consistently and with accountability throughout all our business processes. Honesty is of highest importance to us.



We believe in commitment: meaning we are motivated from the initial start, maintaining full dedication throughout each challenge, and staying committed beyond the finish line. We are fully invested in our work.

Unlock your business

ROXCEL opens possibilities. Opens doors. Lives for moving towards the future.