There are many types of computer-to-plate (CTP) based on various technology. We at ROXCEL offer to our customers high-quality CTP.

High quality plates require lower laser energy and thus lower equipment cost associate with their use. There are suitable for medium as well as long run keeping their quality even after 500.000 prints.

Through their high process speed, they best work for commercial and packaging printing, in Web and sheet offset and are suitable for all common plate setter machines and developers.

Our product range:

  1. RX2000 – CTCP single layer (conventional positive plate for UV setters, medium run)
  2. RX2500 – CTCP double layer (conventional positive plate for UV setters, long run)
  3. RX3000 – CTP single layer (thermal digital positive plate, medium run)
  4. RX3500 – CTP double layer (thermal digital positive plate, long run)

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