Privacy Policy for visitors to our fan page

If you visit our fan page “Roxcel Group of Companies” on Facebook, we will process personal data in connection with this visit, regardless of whether you are registered on and/or logged into Facebook or not. Fan pages are user accounts, which can be set up on Facebook by private persons or enterprises. This fan page allows us to present our enterprise to Facebook users and persons who visit our fan page, and communicate with these persons.

Facebook provides fan page providers with the function “Facebook Insight”, with the help of which we receive anonymised statistical data about the users and visitors of our fan page. These data are compiled with the help of so-called Cookies. These are small text files which are stored by Facebook via the browser on a storage medium of the end device used by the website visitor (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.). This information is accessed again on later visits to the website, and allows the website to recognise the end device. The information stored in the Cookies is received, recorded and processed by Facebook in a personal form.

On the one hand, the use of Cookies aims to improve the advertising system of Facebook. On the other hand, the use of Cookies allows Facebook to provide us with statistics, with which we can control and improve the marketing of our activities.

By setting up the fan page, we contribute to the processing of personal data of the visitors to our fan page, regardless of whether they are registered on Facebook or not. Although Facebook exclusively provides us with the data collected with the help of the Cookies in anonymised form, the creation of these statistics are based on the previous processing of personal data. Therefore, as the operator of the fan page, we are involved in the decision on the purposes and means of processing the personal data of the visitors to our fan page, and therefore we are the controller together with Facebook, in the sense of art. 26 GDPR regarding this processing. The main content of the agreement between the joint controllers will be provided by Facebook Ireland.

If you are registered on Facebook, you consent to the processing of your personal data by Facebook (art. 6(1) point a GDPR) in accordance with the corresponding terms of use and data protection and Cookie provisions of Facebook. We would like to point out that we have no influence on the terms of use, and data protection and Cookie provisions of Facebook. If you are not registered on Facebook, you consent to the processing and statistical evaluation of your personal data by Facebook, and the transfer of these anonymised statistics to us, by accessing a sub-site within our fan page (Art 6(1) lit a GDPR). If you do not access a sub-site of our fan page, no personal data will be collected by the Cookies.

The Cookies set by Facebook will be stored for up to two years after setting or updating these Cookies. Cookies which have already been stored can be erased at any time. Furthermore, you can prevent the installation of cookies by changing the settings of your browser.

We have no access to the data stored in the Cookies in a personal form, and therefore cannot transfer these to third parties in a personal form. Please find information about any possible recipients and any possible transfer of your data to a third country by Facebook in the Privacy Policy ( and the Cookie guidelines ( of Facebook.


We particularly receive the following data categories from Facebook in anonymised form: