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Roxcel About Us

About Us

Roxcel deals with a vast variety of customers from converters to end-users and offers a very high standard of technical know-how, support and after sales service. Having offices and warehouse facilities all over the world, Roxcel is able to provide first class customer support.

Local business expertise allows Roxcel to use the appropriate logistics and tailor-made solutions. Many years experience and our commitment to positive long-term relations, have resulted in exceptional cooperation and trust with our trading partners. We rise to every challenge presented.

The Roxcel Group has offices throughout the world in 35 different locations and employs people from more than 100 countries. Approximately 160 employees work in the Vienna headquarter.

Roxcel – „Building bridges“

Value proposition

  • Gain insight to market development, trends and benefit from technical support .
  • We bring new product ideas due to our close market relations.
  • Your needs and challenges are understood by a partner with knowledge and ability to assist.
  • Reduce volatility and increase stability
  • Saving on costs by using our organization and know how.
  • Boost your core business trusting our detailed know how of paper and board.

Work with a company you can rely on and feel comfortable with.


foundation of Roxcel by Mr. Porkar



start of partnership with ABAX

partial acquisition of RMG (Raccolta Molnar & Greiner)



foundation of LEROX

final acquisition of RMG



acquisition of MIRA

acquisition of Brigl & Bergmeister and Papirnica Vevče



acquisition of Enages

Roxcel Packaging



Roxcel Handelsgesellschaft is renamed into Roxcel Holding and takes over holding functions for the group

Roxcel Trading is newly founded and continues the trading business



Acquisition of LEROX by ABAX


Roxcel’s mission is to connect
partners of the Paper & Board
business worldwide
based on relationships, fairness, openness and reliability.


Be the preferred independent partner for Paper & Board business worldwide


The targets for the future are to ensure that Roxcel

  • continues to be a stable, safe, transparent and reliable business partner
  • sustains and develops existing and prospective partnerships worldwide
  • provides a challenging and modern environment to attract talents and
  • introduces innovative ideas and business models to meet the ever changing demands of the markets.

These targets highlight the primary focus on providing the service our suppliers and customers expect from us.

Andreas Dörfler & Vahid Sigari-Majd