Cartonboard is a product that is gaining more and more importance in the packaging industry. The global demand for sustainable and fiber-based packaging solutions is being enforced by legislation in order to introduce environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. Large food companies as well as ecommerce giants are well on their way to substitute single-use plastics with paperboard.

Beyond regular board sales.

In cooperation with important players in the industry ROXCEL managed to raise awareness of the ongoing trend and the important role of sustainable and fiber-based packaging solution towards the future.

Board categories

ROXCEL offers Cartonboard, but also an innovative packaging solution to support the transformation from plastic to more sustainable packaging. Our target goes beyond regular board sales, we have a vision to inspire our customers and support them with excellent versatile board solutions.


  1. Uncoated
  2. One side Coated
  3. Two side Coated
  1. GC1
  2. GC2
  3. GC4
  4. UC
  1. GT
  2. GD
  3. UT
  4. GK
  1. SBS with PE, PET, Aluminium
  2. GC with PE, PET, Aluminium
  3. GT with PE, PET, Aluminium
  4. GD with PE, PET, Aluminium

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